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DJ Moses

Have been blending music together since the early 80’s after buying the first Street Sounds LP and being overjoyed at how 2 records could be mixed
so sweetly together, from that day you could say I was hooked. Only since 1990 did I actually own my first pair of turntables, I cut my teeth on a classic 1970’s turntable
that came with a tape deck built in but had speed control for 33 and 45 rpm, the other an 80’s crappy stack hi-fi.
First played out to the public during my pirate radio years in the West Midlands where we tore up the airwaves with another,now, Pressure radio DJ, Simon Kennedy, with House, Rave and Garage.
This was a springboard to DJing local clubs in Wolverhampton, albeit with limited success I still buy vinyl, when I can afford it, but with onset of the digital era, I do have
a DVS setup.
My musical influences are too much to mention and I listen to a smorgasboard of musical genres, but my first love is House,Deep, Soulful or Funky, I hope my shows will reflect
the diversity of each genre, and of course, mixed with love.