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14 March 2013

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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 10-Mar-13

Written by on 14 March 2013

Hi Everyone, So as the world celebrated International Womens day on Friday, we continued the theme as Sunday was Mothers Day & slipped in a choice selection of tracks that showcase women, their empowerment & a few ways in which they address the challenges they face as partners & mothers. In short, a good excuse […]

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11 February 2013

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Si Sutton 10-feb-13 Intellidantzia pres Valendantzia

Written by on 11 February 2013

Hey everyone, So last Valentines we went all tender & mushy, which was great, however it doesnt tick all the required boxes when it comes to relationships. As anyone in a strong partnership will tell you, love exists on many levels & perhaps grows because of that. That surely means then that its not all […]

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29 January 2013

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Si Sutton 27-Jan-13 Intellidantzia

Written by on 29 January 2013

Hey Hey People, Here we go again, but this time thankfully the snow has been replaced with rain. So is it better to be wet than cold, probably not, but as Im inside & got the heating on, whatever the elements are doing outside, Im bringing you heat for the soul with a tracklist that […]

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16 January 2013

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Si Sutton 13-Jan-2013 Intellidantzia radio show

Written by on 16 January 2013

….And so another year ends & a new one begins, I truly hope you all left what you didnt need behind you & made space for all you need in T One Three! Like a lot of others, what I didnt need was manflu over Xmas! Thankfully thats now flown, leavin me with a need […]

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19 December 2012

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Si Sutton Intellidantzia playlist 16-Dec-12

Written by on 19 December 2012

  Hey Everyone, So my apologies that the J.O.B. got in the way of bringing you soulful goodness last week, but as its now the week before Christmas, its time to get us in the mood for a festive party. Sadly since I last played we have lost three inspirational men; Sir Patrick Moore, Ravi […]

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